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My mom and I don’t always see eye to eye, but as I grew older, I learned to understand and appreciate who she is and where our traditions come from. We found ourselves growing closer through our shared passion for healthy cooking and showing our love through food. This brand is a tribute to mothers everywhere. Of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and beliefs. We love you. And sometimes, we just don't say it enough.


Sonia Sandha, CEO & Co-Founder

Meet The Founders

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Sonia Sandha and Sunny Tripathy met in difficult times in their lives. Sonia was navigating a tough depression and Sunny was on the brink of financial ruin when his six-year attempt at becoming a screenwriter had not panned out.


Together, they found ways to lift each other up, with most of the credit going to their Yorkie-Shihtzu ‘Coco Puff.’ Tripathy laser-focused on his screenwriting, and -in less than a year- went on to sell his scripts to: 20th Century Fox, Sony, Tristar, Amazon, Dreamworks, and Disney.

Sandha went back to school, got her MBA, and graduated executive programs at Harvard and Cornell -- where she studied disease & nutrition. Sonia paid for her education by modeling for brands like Ulta, Banana Republic, and Louis Vuitton, and built a robust savings account to one day launch her own business.

When the pandemic struck, Tripathy’s health declined, and Sandha enlisted her mother’s unique ghee recipe to help him get out of the hospital. Remarkably, it worked. She eventually put her own spin on it, and optimized it for nutritional potency.


Determined to help their peers also eat better and live better (something the world realized the significance of post-pandemic), Sonia and Sunny began sharing their products at Farmers’ Markets across LA, doing all of it themselves.


What began as a mission to help people in their community grew into a movement that built its own following. In just six months, without any marketing or outside investment, the two have built a growing CPG brand that became an Amazon #1 New Release.


Today, Sunny and Sonia are married, and they travel the deep jungles of Asia, looking for natural foods and ancient traditions they can bring to the masses. Sonia is also completing her second Masters in Science at UPenn, all awhile Mamas was chosen out of over 5000 brands to be one of thirty in Target's Accelerator. 

Meet The Team


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Jennifer Styles

Angel Investor


WeWork, CNN, Emmy Winner

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Lonna Borden

Co-CEO Tenayo Foods

Former: COO of Lillys, 

CFO of Justins, CFO of Izze

ADVIROSY FIX_edited.jpg

Prakash Janakiraman

Co-founder & Chief Architect

of Nextdoor

Former: Fanbase, Google

Tyler Barth


Founder Legacy House

Advisor to Guggenheim Partners

Milken, NEXUS

Screenshot 2023-03-22 at 7.10.12 PM.png


Screenshot 2023-08-17 at 7.23.59 PM.png

Mehtap Kocak


Marketing Specialist

Project Manager

Former: Be Agency

ADVIROSY FIX_edited.jpg

Coco Puff

Chief Canine Officer

Head of Human Mental Health

Former: Squirrel Chaser

Screenshot 2023-08-17 at 7.23.57 PM.png

Aurélien Suss

Marketing Specialist

Project Manager

Former: Be Agency

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