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We're not bullsh*tting you, this stuff is the real deal.

You know what pre-dates the health awareness around Yoga, turmeric, and ashwaganda? Ghee. And for the first time in modern history, SCIENCE is starting to prove why.


“In the same way that wine is more than the juice of a squeezed grape. Ghee is like a genius born to a dull parent.”


High in antioxidants and heart-healthy.

Ghee is a source of conjugated linoleic acid ( CLA ) which can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. At My Mama's, we use a special slow simmer process to maintain this nutritional potency.

"That's not all. Ghee is also high in butyrate, which reduces inflammation in the body, and it is also rich in vitamin A. It is also perfect for people who are lactose intolerant because hardly any of the butter’s lactose or casein remains."


Lower your cholesterol and aid your metabolic syndrome.
Whatever that means?

No, look. Ghee is naturally filled with oleic acid which protects LDL-C (the bad cholesterol) particles from oxidation. Clinical studies show that ghee is effective in decreasing risks of high cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease, and stroke.


Memory enhancer, anticonvulsant, & anti-inflammatory.

Jeez, it just doesn't stop does it? As scientists continue to explore the health benefits of Ghee, there is new,  promising evidence that ghee may reduce anxiety, dementia, and other neurological disorders. Check out one study here !

"Ghee (clarified butter) has a long, illustrious history. Also known as 'liquid gold' or 'sacred fat', ghee originated in ancient India when the domestication of cattle and the consumption of butter first began"


Immunoregulatory and Anti-inflammatory Properties. 

The saffron in [our] My Mama's Ghee is one of the most expensive spices in the world. Studies suggest it can boost mood, increase libido, and fight oxidative stress. How's that for your morning bulletproof coffee? Huh, honey?


Ancient Sanskrit literature describes ghee as fit for the gods. Foods cooked in ghee are considered superior to those that eschew it.

- Awanthi Vardaraj, The Washington Post

Still not convinced?
Well... sh*t... Don't know what to tell you.

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