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Soft Tacos
Inspired by Sonia Sandha

SERVES           PREP TIME           COOK TIME

     1-3                        15 min.                       20 min.


Corn tortillas

1-3 teaspoon of My Mama’s Ghee

Meat of your choice (Chicken, Beyond Meat, Beef)

Canned corn, canned black beans, cubed tomatoes (optional)

Taco seasoning of your choice (optional)

Spring Mix


Greek Yogurt (sour cream alternative)

Black Peppercorn to taste 




  1. OPTIONAL: pour canned corn, canned black beans, and cubed tomatoes in a bowl. Wash and clean. 

  2. Cook meat with 1 tsp of My Mama’s Ghee in a pan. Season with taco seasoning (optional). 

  3. In a separate pan, spread My Mama’s Ghee with 1 teaspoon and cook canned corn, black beans, and tomatoes. Add pepper to taste. 

  4. On a griddle or another sauce-pan, ghee up the area and cook corn tortilla until nicely browned. Add more ghee for each corn tortilla to have a nice, perfectly toasty soft taco shell.

  5. Lay out the tortillas. Stack with lettuce, meat (of choice), corn/bean/tomato mix, Greek yogurt, cilantro. Squeeze lime for a little more flavor! 

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